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M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc. is a New York-based electronic component distributor founded by Mike Montenes in 1990. After many years in the electronics industry, Mike started M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc. with one goal, to exceed his customers’ expectations. With a traditional distribution structure combined with innovative procurement programs, M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc. offers customers a stable supply of products in a dynamic, ever-changing industry.

M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc. is an active partner to their customers’ purchasing department, sharing up-to-date market conditions and product expertise, thus allowing procurement professionals to focus on meeting their company’s goals. This approach to business is what sets M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc. apart from most electronic distributors and why the company was awarded the Small Business Administration Subcontractor of the Year Award for its territory in 2013.

Through strategic alliances and franchise agreements with industry-leading manufacturers, M.S. Hi-Tech not only meets its customer’s purchasing requirements but meets and exceeds the high standards of quality and assurance. ISO 9001:2015 Certified, M.S. Hi-Tech, Inc. is positioned to be a reliable component distributor, plus offers a variety of value-added and kit solutions for the customer with specific requirements.

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